The Chef

SCHWARZ FOOD is Volker Schwarz

For twenty years, Volker Schwarz has been offering a professional, convincing and, above all, very individual kitchen. For the native Austrian, cooking means finding something special in the natural with a special focus on the best quality. He listens to his guests and thus creates the perfect symbiosis of enjoyment and well-being. Regionality, seasonality and sustainability determine his menu.

Stations in life


in different Gault Millau awarded restaurants in Upper Austria, Hotel Chiemgauhof, Sport Hotel Royer Schladming

As a chef

at Käfer Munich, Hotel Adlon Berlin, Grand Hotel Michigan, Round Hill Jamaica

Finish Straight



Of course, Volker Schwarz has a strong team behind himself, which he has complete confidence in. Whether in the kitchen or in service, the colleagues are there with a lot of passion and commitment. In addition, Volker Schwarz holds great store by his suppliers, who are always on the lookout for the best ingredients with and for him. He can also look back on long-standing partnerships in the field of technology and equipment.



The more authentic, the better!

Taste, recognize, enjoy, be happy. Our dishes have authenticity and history and carry our culinary signature. We have made it our maxim to make the best ingredients enjoyable to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Without works fine!

Flavour enhancers, finished products, binding agents are not found in our kitchen. Conscious and healthy cooking is not a witch’s work – you simply need a bit more of everything: more time, more ideas, more creativity. A challenge that we gladly accept every day.

Because we deserve it!

We and especially our bodies deserve the best quality food. It is important for us to experience a good smell, excellent quality and beautiful colours – even at the point of purchase. We prefer to use seasonal and regional products. The art of cooking means making something special out of each product.

Fun must be fun!

Laughing and eating must be inseparable. ” A day without a smile is a day wasted.” said Charlie Chaplin, and that food makes you happy is scientifically proven. So, it is only logical for us to bring a happy smile to our guests’ faces with our food.